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Our Dentists Dr Rafael Maia and Dr Raymon Krause, with their team, offer personal care and comprehensive treatments for every patient.

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King Street Dental Practice Dentist Rafael Maia Murwillumbah

Dr. Rafael Maia

Based in Murwillumbah, Dr Maia has been practicing dentistry in the Tweed Shire area since 2008. With two decades of clinical experience, Dr Maia enjoys providing his patients world-class treatment along with a beautiful smile. He and his team provide the community with dentistry options for cosmetic enhancements and general oral health.

Dr Maia graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree of Dental Surgery from the University of West Sao Paulo – Brazil in 2002.

He is a post-grad in Cosmetic and Aesthetic Dentistry (2002), Fixed Prosthodontics (Crown and Bridgewprk -2003), Orthodontics (2012) and Dental Implants (2020)  and he gained professional experience working alongside his father, an orthodontist, and his aunt, an endodontist (a root canal therapy specialist) from until 2007.


Dr Maia made his way to Australia in April 2007 and fell in love with the Tweed Shire area, ultimately making it his home. Upon completing the Australian Dental Council exams in late 2007, Dr Maia setup practice in 2008 and has worked in Murwillumbah since 2012. Additionally, Dr Maia completed a residency in orthodontics in 2011 and in dental implants in 2021.

Dr Maia has grown his practice through relationship-based care that takes each individual patient’s needs into account. His comprehensive dental programs allow for maximum oral health along with providing a pleasing aesthetic result.

The proper approach to dental health is a simple one, according to Dr Maia: to make the dentistry experience a pleasant one. This includes presenting all options to his patients and providing them with educational material so they can make informed decisions together with himself and his team.

When away from his practice, Dr Maia loves spending time with his wife Milena and young sons, Dylan and Oliver. He also enjoys camping, surfing, and playing music.

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Dr. Raymon Krause

With an impressive 17 years of dental expertise, Dr. Krause brings a wealth of knowledge and skill to every patient he serves. His special interest lies in Cosmetic Dentistry, ensuring that you can achieve a smile that truly reflects your inner confidence.
Not only is Dr. Krause a seasoned practitioner, but he has also dedicated 8 years of his career to educating future dentists at the prestigious Griffith University School of Dentistry. His commitment to sharing his expertise with others demonstrates his unwavering passion for the field.
What sets Dr. Raymon Krause apart is his personal inspiration. Growing up, he witnessed his father’s remarkable ability to interact with patients, giving them smiles they could be proud of. This powerful influence propelled Dr. Krause to follow in his father’s footsteps, instilling in him a genuine desire to transform lives through dentistry.

Friendly caring receptionists, highly qualified dental nurses and a dedicated team to sterilize and maintain equipment, complement their work. Patient safety and comfort is always a top priority for the King Street Dental team.

King Street Dental Practice caters for all age groups (including Veterans and Seniors) where patients from all funds can claim their rebates through HICAPS on the day of treatment.

King Street Dental Practice always welcomes new patients and appreciates the confidence and trust that present and future patients place in us.