Dental Implants

Your smile is often the first thing someone notices about you. Everyone should able to smile confidently without having to worry about how their teeth will look. At King Street Dental, our cosmetic services can help provide that proud smile you are dreaming of!Dental implants are used to replace missing teeth that may have been lost from an accident, tooth neglect or simply old age. At King Street Dental, treatments other than bridges and dentures are available, and these treatments include realistic and long-lasting digital dental implants.

Digital dental implants are small titanium posts that are surgically positioned into your jaw to hold a replacement tooth, essentially like the roots of your natural teeth do. Once the dental implant is embedded into your jawbone, the healing process begins. The bone surrounding the implant begins to create a strong bond to hold it in place. Once the implant is healed, the replacement artificial tooth can be mounted.

The system takes advantage of modern technology, from scanning to planning and manufacture. Digital implant technology uses 3D computer models of your jawbone to allow for precise placement. The fully digital system allows for detailed analysis of every aspect of the planned procedure and can dramatically shorten your time in the dental chair and the healing process.

Neoss Implants

At King Street Dental our dentists use state of the art implants known as Neoss Implants. Neoss Implants are based on extensive research and development, incorporating the latest technologies, the best production methods and finest materials, the outcome of which provide a high level of implant survival rate (97.8% after 1 year and 97.5% after 5 years).

Dental implants are a life-long solution to missing teeth with three main types we provide at King Street Dental:

Single Dental Implants
A single dental implant is applied when only one of the patients teeth are missing. First, the titanium post is inserted into the jaw to replace the missing root. This provides support and strength. A crown will then be mounted on the post to replace the missing tooth.

In the case of major decay or the majority of teeth missing, a single implant will not do the trick. All on 4 is a permanent dental implant solution designed to be an alternative to full teeth dentures. A full set of prosthetic teeth are hinged on to four dental posts that support the whole set.

Multiple Dental Implants
Multiple dental implants are applied the same way as single dental implants. You may be a candidate for single or multiple implants if you are missing one or more teeth in between healthy natural teeth. Crowns and bridges can be used to replace the missing teeth if the gums and jaw bones are healthy.

Missing teeth can actually cause more than just cosmetic issues. Teeth are continuously moving, resulting in misaligned, crooked teeth and gaps. Gaps will create a difficult cleaning surface which can result in dental diseases. Missing teeth will cause bone loss of the jaw, loss of structural support in the mouth will occur which will weaken the remaining teeth.

The advantages of dental implants include:

• Having functionality of your teeth restored.
• Improvement of speech if you have been using a denture.
• Comfort, implants are the next best option to natural teeth.
• Retain facial structure by supporting the jawbone.
• Much easier to eat with compared to dentures, implants are strong enough to withstand biting into all foods.
• Help keep your other teeth in the correct position.
• Improving the overall aesthetics of your smile.
• Long term cost effective.


A dental implant should provide decades of function. It is important to maintain excellent oral hygiene and have regular dental check up and clean appointments, not just to monitor and maintain your implant, but also

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Every patient is a special case and we are aware of how big of a decision it is to start your smile journey. Consultations are available with one of our friendly dentists to discuss your options, answer any questions you may have and help you make an informed decision.